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Libiyi Heater Pro

Libiyi Heater Pro

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How This Space Age Heater With NASA-Inspired Technology Keeps You Warm This Winter While Slashing Your Monthly Electricity Bills
Andrea StewartOct 19th, 2023

According to the National Weather Agency, it will be particularly cold this winter - possibly one of the coldest winters in decades. Are you prepared?

Central heating - the once-trusted method of keeping our homes warm, now seems to be on a mission to bankrupt us. The big question is: why?

Central heating delivers heat through a network of ducts - while you lose up to 40% of your precious heat along the way!

Adding to that, the high installation and maintenance costs, along with the recent surge in natural gas prices, heating bills are draining the wallets of American households!

It gets worse, but the extreme cold wave is on the way and your old central heating system unit just wasn't designed for our current economy.

But don't despair, a company, called Libiyi, came up with the ultimate solution to heat your home – the Libiyi Heater Pro.

A compact, cordless space heater that's small but BIG on Heat - but doesn't require any gas power to operate! 

Inspired by NASA technology, its space-age PTC heating system boasts an incredible 90% energy efficiency. It warms up any room in just 60 seconds and saves you thousands!

PTC Heating Technology - The Latest from NASA

Ever wondered how NASA's "New Horizons" spacecraft survived its journey to Pluto, where temperatures dipped as low as -80°C?

The secret is NASA's space-tested PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating technology.

Compared to other heating methods, PTC heating technology excels with its rapid heat-up, high efficiency, and compact design.

Now, it's not just for space missions. It's overcoming mass production challenges to enter our homes, with the Libiyi Heater Pro leading the way. 

This innovative, highly efficient ceramic heater, plus overheat protection and extended lifespan, is quickly becoming an absolute bestseller in 2023.

What Are We Talking About?

It's a device called the Libiyi Heater Pro. A convection ceramic heater with an incredibly high efficiency compared to other heaters.

Libiyi was founded by a group of experienced engineers who recognized that the heating industry had made little progress in recent years.

Their goal was to develop an inexpensive and easy-to-use portable heater that would suit every home, office and bathroom alike. Thanks to the fact that the Libiyi  Heater Pro does not require any installation or maintenance costs and is extremely energy-efficient, it represents a technical masterpiece.

"Big powers" feel threatened by this device and its potential to cut into their massive profits. However, even without retail, this device has sold an insane amount of units via the internet.

The Libiyi Heater Pro is claimed to be 59% more efficient than most of its competitors. And MUCH cheaper than gas this winter!

This new type of ceramic heater has an incredible efficiency. Almost no energy is wasted. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for your wallet.

It puts a stop to bone-chilling coldness in your room within seconds, so you can instantly feel yourself bathed in a soothing blast of hot air. 

No other comparable heating device is as efficient. In addition, the Libiyi Heater Pro is really cheap, tiny and very handy.

In my opinion, this device represents a real innovation - and everything else in the shade.

How does it work?

It's super easy to set up:

1. Find a room wherever you want to use Libiyi Heater Pro.

2. Plug the Libiyi Heater Pro into the outlet.

3. Set the desired mode.

Then just wait for this powerful device to heat up the entire room. After just 60 seconds, you can feel it getting noticeably warmer (really unbelievable!).

You can take the device with you and fight back the biting cold anytime, anywhere.





What can the Libiyi Heater Pro really do?

But does it really deliver on all these promises? Our team took it for a spin to test it for you.

Honestly, at first glance, we weren't impressed by this less than 10 inches high and wide little box. But then we turned it on.

At least we thought we turned it on. It was emitting a perfect, toasty warmth. but we didn't hear anything. We just weren't used to seeing any heating device run on under 36dB of noise.

Highly intrigued, we delved deeper into its features:

√ Individual setting: Using PTC ceramic heating technology, it never gets too warm or too cold, select the heat setting that is most comfortable for you.

√ Automatic switch-off: If the device accidentally falls over, or overheats for up to 30 seconds, it switches off automatically and protects your home.

√ Portable: The outer casing hardly ever gets warm, making it easy to carry the Keilini from room to room without burning your fingers.

√ Warms Efficiently & Fast: The Keilini heats every area in your room in the SHORTEST TIME.

√ Easy to use: Very easy to set up and ready to go in just a minute.

√ Incredibly Quiet: 36-45dB (Quieter than in a library) No loud, uncomfortable valve pops to disturb your concentration or sleep.

√ Ultra Safe: Compared to other heaters, the Keilini has no exposed elements that could accidentally burn you.


And that's not all!

You can finally come home feeling warm and inviting, and safe from the freezing, gusty winter outside. All of this is for just pennies a day.

You just couldn't imagine having another winter without it.



How much is it?

With comparable (less efficient) devices costing over 500 dollars, you would think that the Libiyi Heater Pro would cost at least as much...

But what would you think if I told you that the Libiyi Heater Pro retails for $119.98? That's a lot less than you expected, isn't it?

But do you know what's even better than the already low retail price of $119.98? The promotional discount of 50%, with which you only pay $59.98!

Click here to secure the special price (if still available)

That's really cheap for a brand-new, highly efficient ceramic heater that will keep you warm all winter long.

How can it be so cheap?

Did you know that every well-known brand pays BILLIONS in advertising, retail stores and executive bonuses? Can you imagine who is paying for this? Yes, we, the customers...

With the Libiyi Heater Pro, all of that falls away. The company only sells online, doesn't advertise on TV, and doesn't have a greedy CEO who demands absurd bonuses.

They prefer to let the quality of their devices and all the positive reviews speak for themselves!

Conclusion: is it worth it?

Yes, 100%. With winter just around the corner, the Libiyi Heater Pro is the cheapest yet most convenient way to stay warm and cozy.

The best time to get the Libiyi Heater Pro is now! After that, this special offer will end. It's already selling like crazy and you'll quickly understand why thousands of people have already ordered it! So many people just can't be wrong!

The Libiyi Heater Pro makes a much better impression than all the other $200 ceramic heaters out there.

The icing on the cake, however, is the price. If it's still on sale for less than 100 dollars, you should definitely grab it before it's all gone.

And in case you didn't know, I LOVE it! You certainly won't find a better ceramic heater that's as inexpensive and effective.


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